Do you believe in understanding
Or understand believing
If you did believe
 in understanding
Could you
call it recursion
To this, is there an aversion
The game continues of tangled mental sinews

Do you feel about what you think
Do you think about what you feel
Does your minds eye
See my minds eye
Looking at your minds eye
Endless halls of mirrored minds
Each reflecting endless reflections
On the pattern of patterned patterns

The organism organises
 Systematically collectivises
 Evolutionary exercises
The wisdom grows
The nuisance is
The new sense
His story
His tree
His tree grows
Organic organisation
Non linear bifurcation
Shape of the human nation
Destroy the cynisism
That believes life
 Has no meaning
 Only selfishly feeling

Forms the female
 Functions the male
 The engine that drives
Our evolutionary tale

Male the seed
 That spreads more wide
 Design improvements
 To our bride
Key in the lock,
 Open the door
 Climb the
 To heavens shore

The profundity of fecundity
 Rent asunder by sun day thunder
From the splitting of the atom
To the splitting of the egg
By that fucking
 We are presumably
Going to fill the universe
With lifes sweet blossom