If you are here, it is most probably because you clicked on my link, to a very good documentary about one of the great unsung heros of the English language, William Tyndale.
Melvin Bragg made an excellent progam about Tyndale so I linked to it from dollyknot, this is the link as you can see, the BBC does not want you to watch it on iPlayer.

Did a bit of digging around and found it on Youtube, so duly changed the link to point there, the link has now been blocked with the reason being given, because of copyright.

Bragg's program was made with the British peoples licence fee money and I find it disgraceful that we can no longer watch our own program. Rather ironic really, the title being

The Most Dangerous Man in Tudor England

They must consider him still dangerous and we can't have the British people knowing the truth about our own history can we?