One theory that complements Chaos theory is the theory of the Paradigm Shift this happens when someone comes along with a new theory that seems to fit the facts better than the old theory, ie with Charles Darwin. (Pre Darwin 90% church goers, post Darwin less than 20%) The reason for chaos theory not having much effect on human affairs yet, is that there is always a period of time, before new theories are taken on by most of the people. These new theories seem to propagate in an organic way almost like a tree setting its seed, some seeds sprout and grow into trees that start spreading the same seed.

Using the tree metaphor in an objective religious context, would put the human creators of the five major religions, as to be the sowers of very very special seeds.

In terms of the human species, the individual is the small pattern, the human race is the large pattern and the system dynamic is our history.

Many parallels can be drawn between the weather and our history.

This can be shown by the observation that England`s decline, started with the arrival of the steam engine. Before the use of the steam engine in sea going ships, the prevailing westerly winds blowing from the Atlantic ocean, gave the English sailing ships a crucial advantage, in competition with the sailing ships of other nations. (England`s empire was built on trade)

The weather has played a role in shaping English history and in doing so has shaped English collective evolution. There are many examples of this, one example was the storm that sank the Spanish Armada.

This shows that the affairs of humanity are affected in non predictable ways, also our definitions of linear order, do not fit the events of history. When we look at the contemporary human world, we see what we would call orderliness, there are straight lines everywhere, buildings are square, all is trigonometry, everywhere nature has been shaped and moulded to human ideas of order.

In human terms, nature could be said to be untidy, forests do not plant themselves in straight lines, natural systems have a different kind of order, to the consensus beliefs that contemporary human organisations have. There is one area where natural order can be shown to be far better than human order that is with waste. Human society produces astronomical amounts of waste, buried in ever more holes in the ground.

One of the finest examples of natural order I know of, is the rain forest, which is a fabulous interlocking relationship between many different life forms, nothing at all is wasted. When our species in its ignorance and greed allows rain forest to be chopped down, all we are left with from some rain forests, is about an inch of infertile top soil.

One area in our human species where natural order prevails, is our collective evolution. (Or to put it another way, our history) With a philosophy of top down hierarchical domination, which is often driven by a personal desire for status, human beings have the idea that everything is resolvable, predictable and tameable by the power of the individual will, if this were a valid stratagem for humanity there would be no pollution, no starvation and communism would have worked. The same forces that create weather, affect our history. If a fast flowing stream of water is observed, eddies form and disappear randomly, as each molecule of water is free to bounce and swirl around, bumping into each other, so each human being rebounds off other human beings, in a seemingly random way, action to social reaction, like ripples in a pond. This is why to many of our species, modern human life seems globally meaningless. However, by using the previous analogy as a metaphor for our evolution and imagining every molecule as a person. We can reach the conclusion that although each molecule seems to move randomly, the whole stream is still flowing in generative dynamic direction. The fundamental problem is that we are running out of space to be dynamically generative in.

There are billions of us, each reacting to our neighbours, being changed by our neighbours and changing our neighbours. To try to control all these individuals from the top down is a waste of time. It is possible to do it for a while, but like water eroding a mountain, chaos will overtake order and we get social collapse. Shown by all these wars humanity keeps having. In terms of our relationships with each other and our relationship with our planet, we badly need some sort of control that works. There is only one kind I can think of, that is when we impose control on ourselves individually, via an understandable set of principles.

I think that as a species, we would get on much better, if we were governed by accurate dynamic principles and not by certain people's egos.

The beauty of principles is, that if they are true objective principles, then they should be understandable by most people, a good example for this is to treat people as you would be treated.

We get our principles from two main sources, one source is personal observation, the other source is teachers. The main teacher for principle before Darwin's theory of evolution, in the western world was Jesus. Many people today do not use Jesus as a teacher. The reason for this is, science is seen to work and thus be proved and religion is seen to be superstition. This is not the fault of Jesus, he did not create the Christian church. In a historical context, the truth about Jesus is lost in the mists of history. Some estimates have put the writing of the new testament at approx. Seventy years after he died.

Much of the way that Jesus is taught seems to contradict, all we have learned about the way the universe works, in terms of the natural laws of the universe. The only teaching that can be relied upon that came directly from Jesus, are his parables, they are the work of a man of genius. Many people follow Jesus blindly, without understanding what he meant, I think he would get a bit annoyed with some Christians, indicated by his saying "When the blind lead the blind both shall end up in the ditch".

Another thing that comes through the mists of history is, that he was a rebel. Conventional Religion seems to relate more to cultural identity, than the teaching of fundamental truths about reality. I believe he was against this, indicated by when he said; " There is nothing from without the man that going into him can defile him: but the things which proceed out of the man are those that defile the man." This would have suggested to the Jews, that their belief in not eating pork was wrong. Much of Judaism is about laws to do with food and rituals. From a cultural perspective it acted as glue to hold the Jewish tribe together, as a holistic philosophy for humanity it is not of much use. There is only one perspective on religion, provably useful to humanity that is, the worship of truth.

Jesus said; "The truth shall set you free."

The only way to achieve political power, is to tell people what they want to hear, if the truth is unpalatable, it does not get told by politicians when it comes to elections. I would define the most profound principal, to be truth. I would define truth to be, having accurate dynamic descriptions, for as many aspects to the causal nature of reality, as possible.

I had been seeking some kind of explanation for our history for many years. I now have a working hypothesis to the underlying pattern of our system dynamic. The last piece of the jigsaw came in the summer of ninety-two. I was driving a lorry down the M5 to Gloucester to deliver a load of biscuits listening to BBC radio four. Every morning at 10.15 they would have a reading from the Bible, this particular morning they read one of the parables that Jesus taught.


Matthew 13.31

The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed which a man took and
sowed in his field. Which is less than all seeds; but when it is grown, it is greater than
the herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the heaven come and lodge in the
branches thereof

Suddenly the penny dropped, I felt as though I had found the key to our history. (Blinded by tears I found it hard to see where I was driving.)

I realised the flap of the butterfly's wing and the parable of the mustard seed

Are both metaphors describing the *same* dynamic process.

When the shape of species evolution is examined, it is in the shape of a tree, with different groupings of similar species making the branches. When the evolution of science is studied, it is also in the shape of a tree. One discovery or breakthrough bifurcates into smaller breakthroughs. There comes a time with all trees when they set their seed!

Before Darwin, 90% of English people ran their lives from the metaphors in the Bible, so I would propose the Bible, has had an enormous effect on the way that our society has evolved.

It is a supreme irony when Christians say they do not believe in or understand evolution. It is also a supreme irony, when scientists deny the importance of the Bible, in terms of the vast effect that the Bible has had on the way our society has evolved. (The need for the mass owning of the Bible, drove the printing revolution). I believe I have found a direct causal link between our scientific evolution and the Bible. The Bible has acted as DNA on the body politic. The seeds of capitalism came from two parables in the new testament.

The seed prophesies the tree.

When I thought about how the Bible had affected our collective evolution (beyond morphology) , it came to me that when, the effect of the Koran on Moslem society, is compared with the effect of the Bible on Christian society. One immediate fact stands out, as far as I know there has only been one major schism in Moslem society. That is between the Sunni and Shiite Moslems. There have been three major splits with Christianity that is between the Orthodox, the Catholics and the Protestants and from the Protestant's flows the most splits of all (or to use a chaos term, bifurcations) leading to Baptists, Anabaptists, Mormons, Quakers, Methodists, 7th Day Adventists, Charismatics, to name just a few. Evolution is mostly driven by diversity, adversity and scarcity. The world religions have created diversity and adversity and are still doing so.

Evolution is a change dynamic, it has direction and a purpose.

A good example for this is the elephant's trunk, a marvellous piece of biological engineering, it's length in proportion to an elephants size, is very close to perfect. If we went back x million years, we would find a proto-elephant with half a trunk ( not very useful!). Gradually over millennia its trunk got longer and longer, until it got to the correct length for an elephant's trunk, it then stopped getting any longer.

Evolution is a process of optimisation.

Many people call the seeking of a better world utopianism, I would state that perfection is only a direction, never a destination. It could be stated as one of the principles of evolution, that the closer any species gets to optimisation, the slower the rate of evolution, stated as an exponential curve.

As individuals human beings are near optimal. As a species we are certainly not optimal, because we are in the process of turning a lovely vibrant Eden into a planet of global warming, acid rain, PCB's in the sea, polar bears with their livers poisoned with mercury, many dolphins giving birth to young with birth defects, the demise of the whale, the demise of the elephant, the seas emptied of the fish we have eaten. The most marvellous ecosystem of the rain forest in the process of being chopped down, ever more holes in the ozone layer, the creation of more and more deserts. The felling of trees causing the washing away of the earth's top soil, very many species made extinct, the covering of our countryside with more and more motorways and industrial estates, Chernobyl, Amoco Cadiz, in short: hell on earth.

How did this come to pass?

The genetic scientists argue that we are all descended from a common ancestor, this idea is reinforced by the fact that all the different human tribes can interbreed. Jesus said all men are brothers! There is strong scientific evidence that we are all descended from one female monkey, from about two million years ago. So we have a strong scientific and religious candidate for Eve. We also have the story of Genesis, telling us about the garden of Eden, with Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge. It is with knowledge that we have created our industrial civilisation that is in the process of turning our lovely planet into a less lovely planet.

It is not possible to keep filling a bath tub indefinitely, one day it will overflow.

The third world is now in the process of industrialisation, which they learned from the west. The effect of human beings on the environment, is increasing exponentially ( it is going faster at a faster and faster rate).

We now live in a global society, things happen on the other side of our planet, moments later, we are watching it on our televisions. This is a product of cultural and scientific evolution. If the causal links in the evolution of industrialisation are traced back through history. They are rooted in the history of Britain, because that is where the industrial revolution started, this view is reinforced by the fact that the English language is the most widely spoken language on earth. British history is chaotic and hard to understand.

One of the greatest engines for the increasing of social interaction is capitalism. Scientific interaction and social interaction go hand in hand. This is indicated by the collapse of Communism, in the USSR. I think the main reason it collapsed, is that in many areas it got left behind because the rate of social evolution was slower, which tends to make scientific evolution slower.

A good example to illustrate this is with automobiles. The state in the USSR in protecting the workers against unemployment and exploitation, did not allow competition of design. As far as I know there were only three to six makes of communist cars, which when compared with the west is few.

            In essence it could be stated that some aspects of evolution are driven by competition of design, indicated by sexual selection, based on the idea that the fittest males (different environments require different kinds of fitness) impregnating the most females, will spread their particular variation of their species design, the widest.

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