If religion is to give a true explanation of our existence, it must accept the theory of evolution. The amount of evidence for the reality of evolution, is extremely convincing. To compare a baby chimpanzee's ear and a human babies ear. There are many types of dog, bred from a common stock, by human beings selecting for different traits, herding ability, size, scenting ability etc. Humanity has done this in a few thousand years, imagine what different environments can do in hundreds of millions of years!

Some aspects of the theory of evolution, led to negative effects. The basis of national socialism in Hitler's Germany was the survival of the fittest: Nazism. Darwin's theory of evolution was taught to the Nazis via Nietzsche. They then perverted it and tried to breed a better human being. They were wrong because the human race physically stopped evolving thousands of years ago. Human skeletons have been examined from thousands of years ago and have been found to be substantially the same as they are now. When the DNA of a human is compared with the DNA of a chimpanzee, it is over 98% the same.

To remove the dichotomy between religious truth and scientific truth, requires the realisation that our evolution did not stop when we had evolved our specific shape and mental faculties.

After the evolved attributes of shape and the mental abilities of humanity had been reached in terms of the individual, our evolution continued with the development of science and culture. (This point is easy to miss because most individuals see the meaning of life in terms of personal advancement not species evolution.) These aspects of our evolution have been profoundly influenced by religion.

When we learn about our history it can be seen to be full of pain and disorder, this view can lead to cynicism as to the nature of humanity. This thesis shows how linking our history with our ongoing evolution can be possible. To do this requires that the reader has knowledge of a new scientific breakthrough. This scientific breakthrough is called Chaos theory. There have been two other major scientific revolutions in this century, the first was Einstein's theory of relativity, the second was quantum mechanics. There is a problem with these theories, that is, they either look at reality with a microscope or a telescope. I never learned to look at reality either way.

Chaos theory is science at eye level.

Our history is chaotic.

To call this breakthrough chaos theory is a misnomer, a better term would be 'The understanding of chaos theory'.

Chaos theory is universal it has nothing to do with scale and everything to do with dynamic patterns. Given that this is true, it should be possible given enough accurate information, to understand anything. (Up the philosophical mountain we go ). Chaos theory is a way of putting into an understandable context, natural system dynamics. 

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