'The only way out is up'. All the raw materials for life are up there waiting for us to go out and plant forests up there, instead of chopping them down here.

All the evidence we have in terms of anatomy and genetics, make it extremely difficult to believe, that we are not animals.

Before Charles Darwin's collosal insight, we never  understood  that we were actually  animals.

But we are animals with one vast difference, all other species, are very largely adapted to their environments. We have evolved the ability to change the environment to fit our needs, so we can live virtually anywhere, this does not give us the right, to turn the  Garden of Eden into a parking lot. 

Our species tends to describe our history with word pictures, emotions, TV programs, films and rituals, lest we forget. No I'm proposing something radically different, that our history is actually a kind of equation, in the same sense, that our multicellular bodies grow by a kind of mathematical equation, starting out with one cell, that doubles, becomes 2 4 8 16 32 64 cells, it is around here, that the cells start to differentiate into the over 200 different kinds of cell, that it takes, to constuct a human body. What I'm suggesting is, the morphogenesis of our culture has endowed our species with, the ability to vastly amplfy, the ability for 'life' to fertilize space using the same mathematics that created all the bodies of our species, plus all the bodies of all the other species. The earth is pregnant with us.

There is a lot of oxygen, silica and aluminium on the moon, these elements could be the raw materials for something very like Richard Buckminster's geodesic domes, using the silica to create the glass and the aluminium to create the frames.

With things on the moon, being only a sixth of their weight here, makes building much easier and larger structures cheaper, once the infrastucture is in place on the moon's surface.

If we can fly drones around the earth from thousands of miles away with which to kill people, we can control machinery on the moon to construct domes, using the raw materials that are on the moon already.

We could construct an atmosphere with the oxygen in the rocks of the moon, and releasing it in vast domes, we could breathe as long as there were no leaks. Ok a normal nitrogen oxygen mix, would be nicer, but it would not be essential for survival. Divers when they need to go real deep, breathe in an oxygen helium mix.

If the human race does not go forwards, it will go backwards and end up drowning in it's own decadence, in the belief that money or sport, are the only true religions, first the Moon, then Mars, then Venus, then the Stars.

The biggest reason, for believing the moon is the answer for our species to conquer space, is to think otherwise, is illogical, because accelerating to escape velocity, in the earth's atmosphere using rocket fuel obtained from the earth, is expensive and dangerous.

There is a much cheaper and safer route, we can use the water, that can be found on the moon, to create rocket fuel and use that fuel to enable a space craft sent from the earth, to dock with a moon fueled rocket, that obtained that fuel from the water on the moon and attatch it to something  akin to Spaceship One and accelerate it to escape velocity in the safety of the vacuum of space, to achieve orbit and beyond.

Ok this will require enormous capital cost, but once this capital is printed by the money printing machines, the door is opened for our species to go forth and multiply.  

What you have just read is my conclusion, start here to read my evidence.

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