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  Well it was a long long time ago that I wrote anything here, because this is a sort of forgotten corner of my somewhat idiosyncratic website. One of the important parts of my daily routine, is writing my journal, here I write about contact with friends and relatives, Dollyknot is in no way Facebook, so my journal is not published. This does not mean I could not write in my journal and 'cut' and 'paste' it here. Any new visitors to Dollyknot welcome and anyone coming back, nice to see you again:)     

MM I don't know where this will go yet, the reasons for the design of my website are varied and complex. First and foremost being our anthropomorphic concepts of order. To put it another way, how come humanity thinks it invented order? Rather arrogant if you ask me? Life has been on this planet for around 5 billion years, modern human beings for around 100 thousand years, modern industrial society for around 300 years. Our concepts of order received a large dent with Darwins evidence as to to the disconcerting notion that we were actually animals. Very clever animals maybe - but still animals.

Victorian England fired by the might of the industrial revolution decided in its pompos grandiosity that it would tidy up the planet. Nature was seen to be disordered and must be tidied up into nice gardens and vistas of Capability Brown. If you go in a jungle or a forest the nature of observed order appears very different from the industrialised human concepts of order. Nature does not show any conformity of right angles, circles, or of size. I did not want to do this in terms of my main webpage but wanted to retain a non-linear feel to it by, not grouping the links I make by category, but chronologically. To express the non-linear graphically would have got in the way of what my page portrays. But the layout is, I tend not to link from my daily haunts. The moving links is where I represent in a chronological fashion my journeys on the hyways and byways of the internet and hopefully come across items of interest to others that visit this website. Ok my website is a glorified bookmark page -but it works for me. I will probably be adding to this essay as time goes on. So come back and visit sometime. Or drop me a line

peter at dollyknot dot com