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My hypothesis is:- That cultures where the majority of male babies are circumcised, are more narrow minded and judgemental, than cultures that have said :- 'it as an unwritten rule', that people have the right to keep the body evolution has designed for them. I started thinking about this subject, after watching Michael Moore's documentary Bowling for Columbine where he makes the point that gun ownership in Canada, approaches gun ownership in the US, yet gun crime in the states is far higher, why? So I started digging around in nationmaster as regards national statistics and male circumcision rates and this caught my eye. The majority of men are circumcised in the following nations. I got these stats from nationmaster.com/encyclopedi/Circumcision-(male) Now if you go to this website, the stats for the USA no longer appear. Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Madagascar, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Niger, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Republic of the Congo, Samoa, Tonga, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia,Turkey, Turkmenistan, United States of America, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu and Yemen.  

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The foreskin contains around 20,000 nerve endings, which connect to the brain's limbic system, the limbic system is the conductor of the brain's emotional orchestra. My hypothesis is:- That the circumcised brain, produces less 'cuddle neurotransmitter' AKA oxytocin, Latest news on oxytocin. The foreskin is more a sensory organ of the brain, than a component of the genitalia, which is why you can remove it with seemingly no effect, especially when it is done to a tiny baby. The emotional effect, is not that noticeable in the individual, but collectively explains, why American culture is more violent than Canadian culture, European culture, and has overflowing prisons. My contention is, that male circumcision does not change the male individual consciousness that much, but changes the way society works, as a whole, when it is carried out as a cultural practice. The only way to check this out, is to find a couple who would normally practice circumcision and are about to have identical twin boys and pay them big dollar to not circumcise one of them. My hypothesis is, that male circumcision, makes the male ever so slightly more narrow minded and judgmental, which would explain the very puzzling fact that the majority of Americans do not agree with evolution as the hypothesis that explains how we came to exist. We are mammals, all male mammals have a foreskin. It would be easy to think there were no problems with circumcision, if you disagreed with evolution. The main point being, I have a foreskin and have a degree of narrow mindedness, and there are probably circumcised men out there who are less narrow minded than I am, because of the variation that genetics produces to facilitate evolution. If I had, had my foreskin removed when a little baby I would probably be even more narrow minded than I already am. And likewise, someone who was circumcised when a baby, if they had not have been circumcised, would probably be slightly less narrow minded.

People go on about how crazy the chess player Bobby Fischer was, without knowing what caused his unconventional behaviour, the reason he hated America and the Jews was a classic case of alienation. What is not widely known about Fischer is, he was not circumcised, which is why he said he was not Jewish, despite there being good evidence, that both his parents were jewish. One can imagine him in the locker room being teased for not being sic normal. One of the biggest reasons why this somewhat strange practice continues is, men who have had their foreskins removed when tiny babies, have no subjective notions of what a foreskin actually is.

The problem for routine circumcision is that since there is no disease, no complication whatsoever can be tolerated, since the risks of the procedure are not being balanced against the risks of any present disease. This cost benefit analysis approach exposes routine circumcision as an unnecessary social operation, rather than one justified by medical indications. J M Hutson

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Circumcision is 'son sacrifice'-lite. In performing it both father and doctor (and occasionally mother) collude in an act that proves their commitment to the state or religion they were raised in. They stamp the dominion of male roles & accepted scripts over the day old boy, onto his very manhood. They wield blades, wires and pain to divorce the child from the female world and initated them into the male world. But this not a healthy male world the child is brought. It is a world of obedience without true choice, of toughness without honour, of authority without wisdom, and most of all of meaningless, pointless pain. A pain that is bureaucratic, mechanical, covered with a thinest veneer of rationality but driven by the ignorance and sadism of those in power. Circumision is the perfect rite for the 20th century. A male rite for a century of industrial war and alienated work. A pointless rite of metal weapons conquering uncomprehending flesh, of absurd pain as a way of life, of state control of its populace, of all the ruptured relations between fathers, mothers and their sons. Hobb Beckett.
More and more males are restoring their foreskins and are saying how much better things are with a foreskin. http://foreskin-restoration.net